How to Restore A Deleted Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is the encyclopedia of the internet. It houses thousands and thousands of pages with information regarding everything and anything under the sky. It is one of the topmost information storage databases on the internet for sure. With so many pages being a part of Wikipedia, it is common that some of them can be found deleted. This happens for a number of reasons. The Wiki volunteers might have deemed a page inappropriate or inaccurate.

The fact is that there is extensive research done before a page is put up so that no one is misinformed. Therefore, while checking or rather scrutinizing every piece of information about a particular topic, it is not uncommon to find a few misplaced information bits. This leads to deletion of the page. Other reasons like inadequate information, vague information, misinterpretation of facts, etc. are some of the major reasons behind articles being rejected and pages being deleted. However, if you think that the information on a page was correct and was wrongly deleted, you can restore these pages. But, there are a few things that come into play here and must be remembered at all cost.

What you need to know regarding Wiki pages?

A page or an article needs to meet the level or the standard of Wikipedia to be uploaded and kept. If it doesn’t, then it will be deleted. People vandalizing pages using different IPs is not a big concern, as these pages can be restored easily. Getting that page back is a little more complicated and we shall talk about that here. If you want detailed information you can consider checking out web pages of professionals like Facilius Inc.

A guide to restoring deleted Wikipedia pages

Before you decide to restore a deleted page, you need to verify the information, figure out the errors of the content that was posted. Now, the catch is that not everyone has access to that information. In other words, only check-users, administrators and volunteers are the people who have access to the deleted page contents. This is done because the deleted page might have personal information, copyright violations, libel or other such information that should not be exposed to the general public. However, the only person who can restore a deleted page is an Administrator.

However, you can check the deleted information on the deleted pages by asking the administrators for a copy of the deleted page. This will give you access to the information but cannot be edited without consent. You can also view the different editions of the versions of the page that was deleted. You need to search for the deleted page and click on ‘view or restore deleted edits’ and then follow the instructions.

In fact, you can also restore the images that were originally part of the deleted page. The process for restoring deleted images is very similar to that of restoration of deleted pages. As long as you don’t click on the restore option, the pages and the images will stay deleted.

Follow these steps if you want to revise and restore or recreate a deleted Wikipedia page

As mentioned before, the deletion and the restoration of existing Wikipedia page or deleted Wikipedia page, respectively, depends entirely upon the administrator. He will analyze whether or not the information is justified and accurate. However, you can make the necessary changes to ensure it gets accepted. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Checking the deletion log – first and foremost, you need to check the deletion log to find out what prompted the deletion of the page in the first place. If you don’t know why the page was deleted, then no matter how many changes you make, no matter in what sectors you make them, you will not be able to address and amend the root cause of the problem and tour re-edited article will be rejected once again. To avoid that, make sure you check the logs well and find out the reasons behind the deletion of the page. Then, edit the article aiming at rectifying those mistakes. You can check the deletion reviews and the AFDs to figure out the reason for deletion.
  2. Deletion review – before you decide that you need to make changes, make sure you go through the deleted page and contents first. In many cases, it has been found that just opting for a deletion review has led to page restoration. This means that you won’t have to make any changes. All you need is to send the page for deletion review. You can also try and contact the administrator who deleted the Wikipedia page in the first place.
  3. Prepare changes – if you want to be efficient and want the article to be accepted at once then make sure you prepare the changes you need to make and have them jotted down somewhere. By doing so, you get a chance to take a look and figure out if the changes you are making are devoid of loopholes or not. You don’t want to keep suggesting edits, time and time again. So, prepare whatever changes you feel necessary and double-check them if needed.
  4. Recreate – when you actually recreate the page, make sure you add a note in the hidden text area saying that the issues have been addressed. This will allow the page patrollers to know that the changes have been made. Also, at the beginning of the page, add {{newpage}} to prevent the new and redone page from being deleted again. However, if the changes are not sufficient, then the page will be deleted even with the construction tag added to it.

These are the details that you need to know regarding the process of deleted Wikipedia page deletion. Follow the instructions mentioned above to ensure your efforts are rewarded. To know more, contact the experts at Facilius Inc.


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