Tips by Facilius Inc for Wikipedia Page Creation

There are many reasons why one would want to create a Wikipedia page, and it could be a boost for your company to have a Wikipedia page on the internet. However, it is important to know about certain tips which can help with your Wikipedia page creation. These tips will help your page to get approved quickly and help you have a Wikipedia page for your business, or any other purpose. When you are looking to create a Wikipedia page, there are a few important rules you must keep in mind. Here are some important tips by Facilius Inc which can help you create a Wikipedia page.

  1. Research well first, and create an account on Wikipedia

Before you begin the process of creating a Wikipedia page, you must first register your account on Wikipedia. It will give you a user account, which has a lot of benefits. Of course, one can easily create a page on Wikipedia without first creating an account, but there are a few great benefits you can enjoy by creating your user account; for example, you will be notified and receive messages from other users if there are any changes made to your articles.

Once you create your page on Wikipedia, choose the topic of your article wisely. It is very important, as, without this, your article might even get rejected. Make sure that the topic of the article that you are choosing is well-sourced, has references and citations as well. It is important to conduct prior research on your article topic before you begin writing the first draft for your page. You cannot use this article to promote your very own personal page or personal business, so be very careful of this, as it might keep you from getting your page approved.

  1. Go through the Wikipedia pages first to ensure that your topic does not already exist

It is a common mistake that many creators make; they create a great Wikipedia page, only to find out later that the article already exists on Wikipedia! In case this happens, then Wikipedia will automatically reject your article. Make sure that you thoroughly go through the previous Wikipedia pages first, looking for the topic which you are about to write on, to make sure that similar articles do not already exist. If they do, then you have to pick a different topic to write on for your Wikipedia page.

However, don’t restrict your search to only Wikipedia’s search box. There is also a chance that Google has already referenced a page on Wikipedia. In order to be really thorough, search for the same topic on Wikipedia as well as Google, before you choose your topic and begin writing.

  1. Cite all your sources properly

To get your article approved on Wikipedia, you need to create proper references and citations. Without this, even if your article is brilliant, it might not get approved by Wikipedia. Keep in mind that these references and sources should not come from other external articles, but should come from published sources like journals, newspapers and books. Facilius Inc always put a lot of stress on this particular tip, as it is one of the most important points that you should follow to get your article approved and published on Wikipedia.

Of course, if you need any help on the guidelines of how to properly cite sources and reference articles, then you can always take the help of Wikipedia itself. Type the words “WP: CITE” in the Wikipedia search box, and you will find a lot of helpful tips and guidelines on this subject.

  1. Get acquainted with Wikipedia Sandbox Editor

It is one of those tools set up by Wikipedia itself which will help you a great deal in editing your articles for Wikipedia. The Wikipedia Sandbox Editor is a tool which you will find on the Wikipedia page itself. You can use this Wikipedia Sandbox Editor to create as well as submit your articles on Wikipedia. Of course, you can also choose to write your articles on Google Docs or Microsoft Word, but make sure that you copy-paste these articles to the Wikipedia Sandbox Editor after that.

The Wikipedia Sandbox Editor also has many writing tools which can help you in writing your articles. In order to get more acquainted with the tools, you can practice writing articles in the Wikipedia Sandbox Editor itself, and start using the tools which you can find there. Soon, you will be able to easily use all the writing tools and write and submit your articles through this Wikipedia Sandbox Editor.

You can also go on the Wikipedia search box and type the words “WP: SB”. Here, you will find a lot of helpful tips and guidelines on how to use the Wikipedia Sandbox Editor for your articles.

  1. Enter and review your article first

After you have completed all the necessary steps to create your Wikipedia article, there is just one last thing you have to do. Go to the Wikipedia search engine and search for the topic which you have just written on. If you find that no other articles have been posted on the same topic, you can go ahead with the final step of posting your Wikipedia page!

Enter your article into the Wikipedia Sandbox editor, do the final editing and touch-ups, and your article is finally ready to be posted on Wikipedia! Remember to click on the ‘show preview’ button to check how your final article will look once it is posted on the Wikipedia page. If you are happy, go ahead and post your article, otherwise do the final editing, and you are good to go!

These are some of the most important tips that you can follow given by Facilius Inc. It is one of the most trusted agencies when it comes to Wikipedia page creation. If you thoroughly conduct your research and use all the proper tools and tips mentioned below, you can soon have your very own Wikipedia Page!

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